CASE STUDY: The sales framework my client used to 7x her close rate and closed $120,000 in a matter of two weeks (plus how you can copy and paste this framework)

In this post, I’m going to show you the exact strategy that you can use to Rapidly DOUBLE Your Sales Team’s Close Rate on the Phone or Zoom calls every single month 

And you can do this without:

  • Tough Negotiations
  • Fighting Objections
  • Using Pushy Sales Tactics
  • Taking multiple sales calls to build trust
  • Chasing Down Leads
  • Or worrying about how to differentiate yourself from your competitors

I’m going to show you one simple strategy 

That generates revenue predictably every day, every week, every month, as often as you like

And in a way that gets clients to sell you 

on why they would be an ideal fit to work with YOU.

And you can use this strategy regardless if you hire us to help you or not…

This post isn’t designed to sell to you.

 It’s designed to help you.

So, let me start off by asking you, how many sales calls did you or your sales team close last week? 

If the answer is “0”, or “not as many as I’d like”, 

Let me ask you another question. 

Do you know why your prospect decided not to move forward and work with you? 

You see, there is a direct correlation between your offer 

and how you communicate the value of your offer to your prospects.

You see…

in business…

there are only three things that really matter. 

1 – Generating sales calls (your marketing)

2 – Doing sales calls (your sales)

3 – Getting your clients incredible results (client delivery / operations)

And the biggest mistake that I see people make

 is that they’re pretty good or decent at marketing

and they’re even really good at helping their clients get amazing results,

 but completely lost when it comes to closing sales. 

So, this post is all about how to create a sales strategy that is specifically designed to get you to close more sales

 with prospects who are actually excited and looking forward to working with you.

So, let’s talk about the strategy. 

And when I say strategy, it’s important that you focus on what brings in results. 

Everyone else, today, is talking about how to overcome objections so that you close more sales

They’re talking about strategies designed to make a logical case to close the sale.

And the thing is, even if you make a logical case, that initial doubt is still in the prospect’s mind.

Which will just be transitioned to another objection.

And here’s a quick example. 

I talk to sales professionals who spend the entirety of their sales call 

walking their prospects through their presentations 

and I ask them how many people buy without any objections?

And then they say zero. 

And to me that’s madness!

Why would you spend all day on something that doesn’t actually bring in any business on the first call? 

Is it because “that doesn’t work in my industry”?

 or is it because their sales strategy doesn’t work? 

You see, I also sell a service myself and I hardly ever run into the wall of resistance and objections other sellers face, 

and yet I generate sales that fill my service cap, every single month.

And it’s not just me.

 If you go to our website, we have case studies and success stories 

of other clients that are in all kinds of different industries that are also getting predictable sales every single month. 

You see, it’s the strategy. The strategy is the key to getting real results. 

But the bad news is, 

when it comes to sales calls and the perfect pitch…

there are hundreds of different strategies out there. 

Some are gimmicks and they quickly die out. 

Some used to work, but became popularized by hit movies and your prospects know what you are doing.

And others, they’re just not relevant to your type of business. 

For example, if you sell a product in an online store, it’s very different to selling a service or high ticket offering. 

You need a specific strategy that is designed to get you a predictable sales outcome…

 not a strategy that will help you sell a book or get more followers or grow your audience or sell a product in an eCommerce store or something like that.

And if you’re reading this post, and you don’t yet have this strategy in your business…

then that’s good news! 

It means that there’s a huge opportunity for growth for you and your business, right now. 

So, let me show you what this strategy looks like 

and then you’ll see how logically this strategy makes complete sense. 

Step 1: Magnetic Offer

First, we need to craft a magnetic offer.  Simply put, you need to make sure your offer is so good that your prospects would feel foolish for passing on the opportunity.  

We do this by creating a value-based decision with our prospects instead of a price-based decision.

Step 2: Sales Call 

Next, we have the actual sales call.  This is where 99% of sellers get it wrong.  If you are using outdated sales techniques that trigger alarm bells in the prospects mind, this will cause them to put up their guard and get their objections ready. 

Because When you sound like every other salesperson, you will be categorized like every other salesperson.

It’s your job to connect with your prospects on a deeper level, allowing them to open up to you as a trusted advisor that can help them get their desired results.

When you solve problems by asking the right questions, in the right order, you can help your prospect to make an empowered decision with the least amount of resistance.

Step 3: Bring Out Any Objections

When we get the first two steps right, this will eliminate most if not all objections in the prospect’s mind.  

But you’ll want to be sure to tactfully bring out any remaining doubts that your prospect might still have.

When you get clarity on what’s behind the hesitation, instead of trying to resell your prospect on a logical based close, you can have an open discussion that naturally diffuses any doubts that your solution is the best option for your prospect. Thus, closing the sale with ease.

By now you’re probably thinking, 

This sounds great, but how do I actually get this done? 

Well, you have two choices. 

Option 1: You can do this the hard way and try and figure out…. 

How to craft a magnetic offer that communicates more value than the price you are charging

what is included in the messaging, how you lower buying resistance, how to structure and

conduct sales calls that get prospects to lower their guard and move forward with the sale on

the first call, and how you can transform objections into an opportunity to move forward

instead of fighting back on why your solution is best…and how to do all that kind of stuff

and you can try to figure that all out for yourself… but it’s going to be very, very difficult to go and do things on your own.


And if you just use an illustration of a simple lock, in a four digit lock, there are over 10,000 different possible combinations and you could be there all day trying all the different possible combinations, and you might find one that works. But the point is, it’s going to be very, very difficult. 


(Option 2) Or you could do this the easy way… Where we give you all of the templates and the proven system that works. The same system that we use for our own business and for our clients. You can just use it, and start getting results immediately.

Now, if you want to do this the easy way, here’s how the process works. 

We will give you a solution to your two biggest problems with closing more sales

Problem 1 – Your Offer

This means reworking your current offer to communicate a value that far exceeds the price that you charge.  

So, this is the first step in the strategy that I showed you earlier.

Problem 2 – The Sales Call. 

And that’s basically the second two steps in the strategy, which is applying a sales structure deeply rooted in human psychology that allows your prospects to open up to you as their trusted advisor. 

So, we show you exactly what to say, and more importantly, how to say it.  We give you all the videos, templates, and workbooks you will need so that you can have a sales system designed to close everyone who is closeable.

So, this is the whole strategy from start to finish. This is how it all works. It looks very simple, but it’s very, very powerful. 

And what I’m looking to do is work with a few more clients that meet this criteria. 

One: I’m looking for clients that are actually looking to close more sales predictably every month. 

Two: I’m looking for clients that are willing to put in the work. So, you have to be motivated to want to do whatever it takes to make this system work. 

Three: I’m looking for clients that actually need to have sales calls to win more clients.   If you sell something online, this isn’t the right fit for you. You need to have sales calls to win a client. They’re the kind of clients that we work with.

So, I’m looking for a win-win situation. 

The better the fit, the better the results that we can get. 

And the truth is there are some people that I can’t help. 

And if that’s the case with you, I’ll be 100% upfront with you and suggest another person or a good alternative. 

I’m only looking for those I’m certain I can get results for. 

So, what are the next steps if you are interested in learning how we can potentially work together? 

Over the next seven days, I’ve set aside some time to talk to you and see if I can help. 

We’ll talk for roughly 30 minutes and I’ll map out an exact action plan for you to follow 

so that you can get predictable sales every single month. 

And of course, I can also answer any other questions that you might have. 

So, all you need to do is click the Schedule Call button below this video… And I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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